To The Woman Who Hasn't Been Fully Chosen By The Man She Wants…

The 'MAKE HIM CLAIM YOU' Masterclass Will Show You How To Become Irresistible

…Which Results In A Man Finally Making You HIS, And Treating You As The Only Woman He Could Ever Want.

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Imagine this, dear beautiful woman:

You have a man who is interested in courting you towards life-long commitment...

Actual courting, with opening doors, making sure you are safe each night, and planning everything you do together with your needs and desires in mind.

He is opening you up deeper and deeper to get to know you and understand you.

Even if you're in a relationship with him, he's leading things forward to greater levels of emotional intimacy and commitment.

You can feel his heart is fully open and connected to yours. You can feel his intentions. You can feel how serious he is about you, and only you.

But... Here’s the reality you’re really experiencing or have experienced:

You haven't been fully chosen by the man you want.

He isn't making you a clear priority with his words and actions.

He isn't showing you that your needs are as important to him as his own.

He isn't putting in the effort to lead you both to greater levels of commitment.

He's doing a lot of 'hanging out' with you instead of taking care of you.

This may have happened to you in the past, or it is happening to you right now with a man you are dating... or it might even be happening to you in a relationship, where you are technically exclusive, but you don't feel truly 'claimed'. 

When a man claims you, he treats you like his most priceless possession. With absolute care and consideration for your feelings and needs. And with the clear intention that he's never going to hurt you, treat you as disposable, or let you go.

This is not currently your reality because you're communicating that you are not intrinsically worthy of being claimed...

You communicate a lack of worthiness by...

...Trying to be valuable by supporting him, listening to him, and being easy going instead of just receiving....


...Minimizing your needs and compromising your heart by self-censoring what you really feel so that you don't burden him...


...Settling for crumbs of the leadership and commitment that you need to feel secure, valued, and loved.

You are living in scarcity, because deep down you fear that you won't get anything better, and maybe don't even deserve better. And so your internal beliefs have become your external reality.

We are going to change that, together. So that you can learn how to live in total abundance and inspire a man to truly CLAIM you as his woman. This is what you will learn to do in our first ever (and possibly our only ever) 'MAKE HIM CLAIM YOU' masterclass.

In this two hour live masterclass we will...

HELP you connect with your feminine self-worth through your feelings and needs.

TEACH why and how you communicate low feminine self-worth to demotivate a man from claiming you.

ROLEPLAY in demonstrations how to communicate your feminine self-worth in a way that makes you irresistible.

ANSWER your questions about shifting into your feminine self-worth during our Q&A.

By joining this masterclass, abundant feminine self-worth can be your reality. You will learn how to over-flow with feminine self-worth and communicate it in everything you say and do, so that you can inspire a man to claim you and together you both create the relationship of your dreams.

Attend The 'MAKE HIM CLAIM YOU' Masterclass For Just $47!

This May Be The ONLY Time We Do This Masterclass in 2024... Or Ever



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Here's What Our Attendees Of Our Past Masterclasses Are Saying:

" one else is teaching polarity like this.."

"...It was the first time in my life I felt a man's leadership and provision in regards to being cherished.."

"...Observing the roleplays was eye opening for me.."

"...I was in awe at how true polarized communication looks and feels.."

"...Observing the roleplays was eye opening for me.."

"...In the one month following the masterclass I have been able to express myself more naturally.."

"..."I thought the class was great.."

Hey Zak Roedde here...

I'm the one leading you on this Masterclass journey.

But before I created this amazing eye-opening love-life transforming opportunity, my coaching was mostly focused on my clients in my "Relationship Of Your Dreams" Academy.

Our focus was (and is) on teaching men how to lead a woman out of low self worth, resistance, judgments, victimhood, masculinization, leading, and mothering...

And on teaching women how to inspire a man out of low self worth, reactivity, criticism, apathy, feminization, selfishness, and irresponsibility.

We were (and are) very successful at doing this, because our focus is on what I call 'instinctual polarity': Where a man leads his respectful woman with devotion, and a woman follows her adoring man with reverence.

To achieve this goal, we help men get in touch with their masculine instinct by using what I call 'masculine communication'...

...And we help women get in touch with their feminine instinct by using what I call 'feminine communication'.

Masculine communication makes it easy for a man to lead a woman out of any disrespectful behavior, and into letting go, opening up, and communicating vulnerably and with reverence. The more a man uses it to lead, the closer her gets to masculine embodiment.

Feminine communication makes it easy for a woman to inspire a man out of any inconsiderate behavior, and into taking charge, cherishing her, and communicating with strength and kindness. The more a woman uses it to let go of control, the closer she gets to feminine embodiment.

Instinctual polarity gets magical results beyond anything I've ever witnessed in my 16 years in the self help industry.

And I was not satisfied with keeping such an incredible love life tool a secret among only our Academy students, when it was meant to transform the world and millions of love lives.

I wanted to help as many single or coupled men or women as possible to transform their love lives with instinctual polarity, using masculine and feminine communication, regardless of their budget.

I also wanted a way to show people what we do in our Academy program, in case they were interested in working with us, but first needed to know if we were the 'real deal'.

So now I also run two hour Masterclasses, to teach attendees exactly what we help our clients learn and practice with us in our Academy, and then I priced it so low that anyone could afford it.

The feedback was overwhelmingly positive...

Here's More Testimony From Our Attendees:

"... Zak was incredibly supportive and made me feel safe.."

"... What and Mark were amazing at explaining an intro to M /F polarity.."

"... The perspectives and examples were immensely helpful.."

"... Great way to get a full experience of what the communication and style look like.."

"... I have a much greater understanding of what masculine and feminine communication ACTUALLY LOOK LIKE.."

"... I loved getting to see the roleplays in the masterclass!.."

"... The masterclass blew me away."

"... Zak and mark are the right real world experts to go to.."

 Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Masterclass?

Our masterclasses are a 2 hour live event where I (Zak Roedde) and my team teach you how to transform your love life, and roleplay for you how to communicate effectively to get amazing results. This work is based on instinctual polarity; listening to your masculine or feminine instincts, and communicating accordingly.

How does it work exactly?

Once you book your spot, you get instant access to the 18 minute training bonus. You will also get the live event info including the zoom link. On the day and time of the event, you log into zoom with that link, and enjoy the show. There is audience participation with the Q&A, but your participation is 100% optional.

When is the next event?

The next masterclass date is to be determined, and it will be different than this upcoming one. The days and times are often subject to change each month. They are shown on the checkout form.

Do you have a guarantee?

Of course! When you get access to the masterclass, I also give you my 30 day, risk free, no BS, no questions asked money back guarantee. As long as you actually watch the content and attend the entire masterclass to give it your best shot. If it's not for you and you're unhappy, we will give you your money back.